Services Offered

Online therapy

Online Therapy

50 Minutes
Also known as tele-therapy and E-therapy. We provide mental health services for individuals who cannot show up physically for a session. It is held via, the phone, email, or live video chat

Individual Therapy

50 Minutes
In order to help you regulate and manage the distress that comes with managing various responsibilities at a time, a one on one session with the Therapist is held where they help you navigate through the distressing factors of your life. Equipping you with the techniques to go about the hurdles you might be facing. It is a known successful treatment for a variety of emotional difficulties and mental disorders

Couple Therapy

50 Minutes to 1 hour
It is common to face conflict and arguments in any relationships, but sometimes certain disagreements go unresolved and can lead to further conflicts in the future. At Mind wings we help you to identify the root causes, the patterns and the strengths of the relationship that might otherwise go unnoticed
family therapy

Family Therapy

50 Minutes
Family therapy aims to strengthen the relationship between each member involved. It aims to provide harmony, collaboration and understanding among the family members. Families usually undergo family therapy when they experience any stressful situation that might strain their relationships. It can be an effective treatment for any event that might affect the family as a whole